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  • First of all we would like to put some light on the objective of establishing Islamic Treatment and then we will introduce its working mechanism in the light of Quran and Sunnah.
  • Direction: Meaning of direction here is that how to utilize the Spiritual Treatment method?
  • Heart Healing: In other words, its mean that all those ailments are included in it such as psychological, social and all other issues.
  • Guidance: We will seek guidance how to avoid by the problems and ailments and what preventive measures to be taken, and how to make this method possible for us?
  • Mercy: Means Light of Allah. Like Allah is Noor (Light) same like its mercy is also Noor (Light) and base behind his every creation is this Noor (Light).


Islamic Treatment philosophy is unique in two ways. This is used side by side with other treatments like Allopathic Treatment, Organic Treatment etc. Healing gets faster by using this mechanism. But in such cases where modern medical science found itself helpless, Rohani Ilaj plays its role very effectively.

Rohani ilaj, Kala Jadu Ka Online Rohani ilaj

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